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Day Capital Partners, Inc. (DAYCAP)


DAYCAP invests growth capital in firms with strong management experience and three years of revenues. We also will provide 2nd tier venture funding for newer enterprises with experience management and breakthrough technologies.

We limit our investments to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Information Technologies, Defense and National Security, and Energy.

DAYCAP also provides expertise in Capitalization, Accounting, IP protection, Regulatory Compliance, Cyber Security, IT architecture, Market Channel Development, and Administrative support. Through our Back Office Support firm, Corporate Fission, LLC., our portfolio companies can focus on growing their businesses without getting bogged down with day-to-day administrative tasks.

Day Capital Partners, Inc. does partner with other investment, venture capital, private equity/hedge funds and institutions. We often serve as lead investors through the Due Diligence process.

DAYCAP is not a registered FINRA broker. We do NOT sell or trade securities, nor do we act as investment counselors to individuals. We do NOT accept investments from individual investors.